Trekking in Nepal

Namaste fellow travellers, trekkers and other vagabonds! Welcome to the website of Shiva Kumar Pariyar, Nepali trekking Guide. This site was created by a group of friends who visited Nepal in Spring 2009 and came across one amazing guy, Shiva.
Shiva was our guide during trekking in Annapurna Area and we think you couldn’t wish for a better one.
Why take a guide? Of course it’s possible to do most of the treks in Nepal without a guide if physical challenge is your only agenda and you’re an experienced hiker. However, guide will enhance your experience by providing better knowledge of  local life, will make your social interactions during trek much easier and will know what to do in case of any difficulties. Shiva is an experienced, helpful and trustworthy guide and that motivated us to create a website which would bring independent travellers directly to him.

About me



You can contact me on:

My mobile: +977-9846323576

If you have ever been trekking with me and you would like to leave your comment about the experiences we share, fell free to sign in.

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