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Namaste fellow travellers, trekkers and other vagabonds!

Welcome to the website of Shiva Kumar Pariyar, Nepali trekking Guide.
This site was created by a group of friends who visited Nepal in Spring 2009 and came across one amazing guy, Shiva.
Shiva was our guide during trekking in Annapurna Area and we think you couldn’t wish for a better one.
Why take a guide?
Of course it’s possible to do most of the treks in Nepal without a guide if physical challenge is your only agenda and you’re an experienced hiker. However, guide will enhance your experience by providing better knowledge of  local life, will make your social interactions during trek much easier and will know what to do in case of any difficulties.
Shiva is an experienced, helpful and trustworthy guide and that motivated us to create a website which would bring independent travellers directly to him.


I was born in 1979 in Dhital in High Mountains of Annapurna.
At the age of 16 I started to work as a porter and at 18 as a guide. I received my Trained Guide Licence at 22 and I’m proud of my best possible grade A.
Since then I’ve worked all over Nepal. From Himalayas to Chitwan, from Mustang to
Everest, I know my treks well.
I will help you to organize your trek and will make sure the chosen route will suit your expectations and fitness level. Once on a road we can modify our journey according to your needs. I’m there to make your trip exiting and memorable.
Guiding is something I did all my adult life and enjoyed every moment of it!
I’m happy with meeting people from different cultures and sharing with them the beauty of my Nepal.

You can contact me on:

My mobile: +977-9846323576



If you have ever been trekking with me and you would like to leave your comment about the experiences we share, fell free to sign in.

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1. Florent [07:33 29.04.2018]

Shiva was an excellent guide, who managed everything with our helper Ganesh. Always trying to help, even others trekkers without guide.

He was listenning when we would see others landscapes and try to understand all our wishes. He had very good advice to avoid bad whether and for the next adventure.

It was an excellent trek, with lot of great times.
Do not hesitate to play rami with him he loves it.

IT was nice to meet you! and I will do mustang one day ;)

2. Blazej [13:24 12.09.2016]
Namaste Shiva! The website has been updated :)

3. Chris Veerkamp [09:23 21.04.2014]
Shiva is an excellent guide, he organised a trekking meeting all my needs. He is polite and friendly, he also tries to inform you about the daily life of the nepalese people.
He has a lot of experience reagarding trekking, I really can recommend him.

4. Mr P K Walker [08:01 10.09.2011]
My wife & I have recently returned from a trek with Shiva in the Annapurna Region. We can only echo all of the previous comments made on this website. From start to finish, Shiva was a perfect guide. He patiently walked behind us throughout the trek & gave us both a feeling of security. At no point did we ever feel rushed. He is a knowledgable and friendly man who only has your interests at heart. The trek was a fantastic experience that we hope to repeat at some time in the future. This experience was amplified by Shiva's good, friendly nature & many good, happy times were had by all. On the final day, I twisted my knee & Shiva disappeared into the bushes & reappeared with a walking stick. He bandaged my knee which enabled me to complete the rest on the trek.

Shiva is one of life's good guys. If you are trying to find a guide for your trek in Nepal, I heartily recommend Shiva as a good, experienced, trustworthy guide.

Thank you Captain Shiva for a fantastic experience!

5. Monica Perilli [16:01 02.04.2011]
My trekking in Nepal has been one of the most interesting and amazyng things that I had nevre done.
Shiva has been a fantastic guide and now he's a precious friend of mine.
I hope coming quite soon to nepal and he gonna be my guiode again.

6. Vakaris [21:49 22.10.2010]
I was trekking with Shiva this summer on the trek from Jomsom to Muktinath and all the way down to Tatopani, and then back to Pokhara from Beni. I can Shiva is a remarkable guide. What I appreciate most is his ability to feel the inner state of the traveller, so when necessary he tells about interesting places, but also gives you time to think your own thoughts, without intruding with any untimely remarks or comments. I could really feel myself guarded by him on the way.
I could wish anyone to have a guide which is so sincere and honest, whom you can trust completely. I imagine having a dishonest guide is the worst thing on a trek that ruins all your mood and the feeling of safety.

7. Lieve Van Acker [19:45 07.09.2009]
In August 2009 I trekked north of Pokhara in the Annapurna Sanctuary. Together with Shiva as guide and two porters (Samir and Zoja) we had six wonderful days.
As it was during monsoon, we had once in a while some rainfall that gave us unknown beauty to the waterfalls.
Shiva guided us with uttermost ease and without any mistake in the mountains. Birds sitting here and there were shown to us, and we saw a troop of Langur monkeys feasting on their lunch.
As our small group contained some photo enthusiasts we held a break quite often to snap the beauty of a flower, animal or landscape.
Shiva respected our interests and stopped together with us. Never did he urge us to get walking again, patiently he waited until every view was shot.
The guesthouses he had choosen were all clean and tidy, managed by friendly owners and always with skilful cooks in the kitchen. One of our porters happens to be a cook in his daily life and was regularly found in the kitchen. Our plates were often decorated by him with butterflies cut out of carrots.
When on our last eveving I slipped on the wet bathroom floor of the guesthouse and I broke my wrist, Shiva turned out to be a caring and responsible guide.
Shiva, thank you for the beautiful days in the mountains of Nepal. Who knows, one day I'll be in Pokhara again.

Kind regards,
Lieve Van Acker

8. monica perilli [17:39 23.08.2009]
Namaste Shiva,

congratulations with your website,great!

You has been a fantastic guide and friend!

I'd like to come back Nepal as soon as possible!

I didn't forget your mountains and your country even it's a long time from my last trip.


9. Bart Leye [20:51 01.06.2009]
Hi Shiva,
congratulations with your website,great!
I'm busy creating our space to share my life with my beloved wife. A trip to Nepal will not be for the near futur, unfortunately. But one fine day, I will come back, many greetings from the low altitude country of Belgium.

10. Stephen Stabile [04:34 01.06.2009]
I absolutely agree that have a guide is very important in Nepal. Shiva was our guide on an Annapurna trek in November and December 2000. The experience is so much more meaningful, especially in understanding the rich cultural diversity of Nepal. OF course Shiva is a great professional guide, who I also consider a friend. I hope someday we can join in a trek with him again.

11. Kaat De Meyere [13:05 30.05.2009]
I had a great time in Nepal in 2007! Shiva took very good care of me! He's very kind and I also had the chance to meet his family. It was a very special and spiritual journey! Thanx!

12. Johan De Meyere [16:16 28.05.2009]
Namaste! Shiva became my guide when I visited Nepal for the first time in 2003. Since then I returned 2 times more (2007 and 2008) and Shiva also became my best Nepali friend! He knows the Annapurna region very well, speaks good English and is someone you can relay on in any situation. He will show you the country and his people as you can't discover on your own. That will make your Nepal experience really something special!
visit blog: http://journeytonepal.skynetblogs.be/
Johan en veerle (Belgium)

13. Inga [16:02 10.05.2009]
Hi! You made our trip unforgetable, thank you! Hopefully we'll have a chance to trek with you again. Looking forward to our next trip already...

14. Blazej [15:56 10.05.2009]
Namaste Shiva! Next year I'm going with you to Mustang if that's ok. Can't imagin other guide to go with! Take care and see you soon!

15. Marlena [23:20 09.05.2009]
Thanx again for your help! My friends and I are looking forward to our next visit in Nepal. You are the best guide ever!

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